Processors Role

A processor is a business registered with UOMA NS to process products governed by the Regulation.

Processing means an activity for reuse, recycling, including biological treatment, any other operation whereby residual materials are processed for use as substitutes for raw materials, and energy recovery recognized by the Nova Scotia Environment, or any other activity authorized by the Nova Scotia Environment that involves cleaning, decontaminating or declassifying products as hazardous residual materials. Bulking, shredding and bundling are not considered processing activities.

List of processors

  • OilsOils
  • FiltersFilters
  • Antifreeze (glycol)Antifreeze (glycol)
  • Aerosol containersAerosol containers
  • Plastic containers (oil, antigel/glycol, DEF)Plastic containers (oil, antigel/glycol, DEF)
  • CleanEarth Industrial Services 203 Aerotech Drive, Enfield, NS, B2T 1K3
  • Envirosoil Ltd 927 Rocky Lake Dr, Bedford, NS, B4A 3Z2
  • GFL Environmental Services Inc. 17 Jones Court, Sussex, NB, E4E 2S2
    OilsFiltersAntifreeze (glycol)Aerosol containers
  • GFL Environmental Services Inc. 660 MacElmon Rd., Debert, NS, B0M 1G0
  • Napierville Refineries Inc. 175, de l'Église St., Napierville, QC, J0J 1L0
    Antifreeze (glycol)
  • RPM Eco 100 Marius-Warnet, Blainville, QC, J7C 5P9
    Plastic containers (oil, antigel/glycol, DEF)
  • Safety-Kleen Canada Inc. 300 Woolwich St. South, Breslau, ON, N0B 1M0

Register as a processor

What documentation do I need to complete in order to register as a UOMA NS processor?

It is important to read through the collectors and processors manual to fully understand the program.

To register as a UOMA NS processor, you must send the following items to UOMA NS:

a) the processor registration application form and all of the documents outlined therein
b) the processors agreement, signed, dated and initialized on every page

UOMA NS will examine the documents received and if all is in order, UOMA NS will send to the registrant their registration certificate along with a copy of their processors agreement signed by UOMA NS. All processors are displayed on UOMA NS’s website.

IT IS IMPERATIVE that ou read the supplemental information sent to all processors in compliance with the processors agreement.  You will find this information in the Communiqués section of this website under “PROCESSORS”.

What documentation do I need to complete in order to register with UOMA NS as an internal collector-processor?

In the case of a registration for an internal collector-processor, UOMA NS requires all of the documents required for a collector registration AND all those for the processor registration.

UOMA NS will examine the documents and if all is in order, UOMA NS will forward the registration certificate to the registrant along with a copy of the agreements (collectors and processors) signed by UOMA NS.

Internal collector-processors do not appear on UOMA NS’s website.

Annual renewal

Which documents are you required to complete to renew your registration as a UOMA NS processor?

In order to renew your registration as a UOMA NS processor, you must:

  • Complete the processor registration renewal form, to which must be attached PDF copies of your permits/certificates issued by the Nova Scotia Environment (or any other local government authority that applies) and a proof of civil insurance for the current year for each of your installations;

If everything is compliant, the applicant will receive their registration certificate via email. The latter will be valid for a year, from January 1st to December 31st.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to read the Communiqués in the PROCESSORS section, those communiqués have already been sent to all processors, they are additional information to the content found in the processors agreement.